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Project is in its early stages and aims to create an easy-to-use web3 climate finance marketplace that would integrate real-world business demand for dependable carbon credits with the advantages of the web3 regenerative finance ecosystem and the on-chain carbon market. The goal is to make investment in high-quality climate projects as easy, transparent, and economical as possible. Corporate offset purchasers and investors can compare, acquire, trade, and retire credible and traceable tokenized carbon credits using infrastructure and services from major web3 carbon registries. The project is still in its infancy.

Skills we are looking for



  • Creating super-fast, easy-to-use web-based applications, including websites for both desktop and mobile browsers and hybrid in-app pages, using client-side code
  • Increasing the performance and scalability of web apps
  • Collaborating with developers, quality assurance, designers, and product managers
  • Taking part in code reviews and advocating for code quality and best practices
  • Developing new ideas for quality software, UI/UX, security, and blockchain technology and innovating and contributing to product development


  • Proficient in Javascript and fronted javascript frameworks (ReactJS)
  • Experience with workflows such as Redux, MobX, and others
  • 5+ years of experience in software engineering, working with JavaScript and current client-side web apps
  • Being able to transfer a given clearly specified problem to production grade code while considering testability, readability, and edge cases
  • Creating a project module and offering enhancements to the overall product architecture

Nice to have

  • At least one year of web3.js and Dapp development experience
  • Experience designing frontend components that interface directly with smart contracts and on-chain events using web3 and related libraries

What makes Equiqo different?

  • Knowledge Company - our strategy is to create a Knowledge Company, where self-development, learning and mutual knowledge exchange come first. Most of our developers are senior experts.
  • Career Road Map - we created an internal-self development program for our developers
  • Additional projects - if you feel bored with your current project let's try something new
  • Multitech environment - our senior experts on board will be happy to introduce you to various and cutting-edge technologies

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