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Innovative SaaS platform that bundles all information about objects in one place. It is used to digitize objects, make them "smart" and thus create automation for internal company processes. Through software, companies know WHAT they own, WHO is using it, WHERE it is located, and WHEN there were changes. This solution can significantly improve object management and makes the entire process more efficient and, above all, way more sustainable.

Skills we are looking for



  • Implementation and further development of product (SaaS) based on PHP8 and Docker for use in the cloud
  • Clear separation of the frameworks used (slim, yii2, symfony) and the actual business logic
  • Conception and documentation of complex digital business processes in Atlassian Confluence
  • Providing interfaces and a modular hexagonal architecture
  • Connecting external interfaces and services such as SAP, Datev, Diamant, GFI
  • Creating and maintaining automated tests (unit, functional, acceptance tests) using PHPUnit and Codeception
  • Regular monitoring and optimization of product performance (xhprof, xdebug, phpbench, jmeter)
  • Active error monitoring and improvements using Sentry
  • Ensuring existing continuous integration processes using Jenkins
  • Constant improvement of existing static code analysis with PHPCS, PHPStan, deptrac


  • At least **3 years of experience** in software development
  • Very good knowledge of object-oriented programming using PHP
  • Experience in using database systems such as MySQL
  • Experience in versioning source code via Git
  • Openness and interest in technologies, processes and tools
  • Very good English skills
  • Excellent team skills
  • Focus on goal achievement in the team
  • Experience or at least interest in OpenSource and willingness to further education

What makes Equiqo different?

  • Knowledge Company - our strategy is to create a Knowledge Company, where self-development, learning and mutual knowledge exchange come first. Most of our developers are senior experts.
  • Career Road Map - we created an internal-self development program for our developers
  • Additional projects - if you feel bored with your current project let's try something new
  • Multitech environment - our senior experts on board will be happy to introduce you to various and cutting-edge technologies

We offer

  • Two types of contract - contract of employment or B2B (you have 10 paid days off on B2B contract)
  • Equipment - we provide you with necessary tools. You can also work with your own device and we will cofinance depreciation expenses
  • Integrations - we meet each quarter to learn, have fun and connect.
  • Private Healthcare Package
  • Multisport Card

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